Boost Your Nonprofit's Success with Effective Advertising

Boost your nonprofit's success with iGive's advertising tips. Learn to target your audience, use digital channels, and leverage ready-made ads to raise awareness and increase support for your cause.

Advertising is a powerful tool to enhance your cause’s visibility and attract support for your cause. By spreading the word about your mission through iGive, you can significantly boost your fundraising efforts when supporters shop online. This guide will help you get the most out of your advertising strategies to benefit your organization.

Tailor Your Message

Maximize the impact of your advertising by targeting the right audience. Consider who you want to reach and where they consume information. For instance, if you’re aiming to engage young professionals, leverage social media platforms and showcase your members having fun while making a difference.

Ready-to-Use Ads

iGive offers a range of customizable templates and ready-made ads that you can use to promote your cause. These include:

  • Banner ads
  • Social media posts
  • Images
  • Audio and video content

You can find all these materials in the iGive Advertising Kit (login required).

Getting Started

Develop a Plan: Determine where to place your ads. Consider online platforms, local publications, billboards, transit media, radio, or television. Utilize your network—if someone in your organization has media connections, ask for their help to get free or discounted ad placements.

Encourage Collaboration: Urge your supporters and members to use iGive materials to spread the word. The more collective effort, the greater the awareness of your cause.

Utilize Digital Channels

The easiest and most cost-effective way to promote your nonprofit is through digital channels. Highlight your organization’s activities by sharing ads, images, and videos on:

  • Your website and blog
  • Newsletters
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Tips for Social Media Ads

  • Keep text concise and focused on your activities.
  • Include a call to action, such as visiting your website.
  • Use relevant hashtags (e.g., #SupportYourCause, #iGive).
  • Encourage others to share your posts.

Tip: Watch our webinar about how to use AI to create social media content here.

Promote in Print, Radio, and Television

iGive provides professional, ready-to-use materials for various media. Use your media contacts to obtain free or low-cost ad placements.

  • Print Ads: Place ads in local newspapers, both print and online.
  • Outdoor Signage: Create billboards or ads for public transportation. Contact local advertising vendors or transit agencies.
  • In-Store Promotions: Ask local businesses to display your promotional materials.
  • Broadcast Media: Reach out to TV and radio stations to play public service announcements.

Innovative Ad Placements

Think outside the box for ad placements at little or no cost:

  • Parking meters
  • Taxis
  • Blimps
  • Grocery carts
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Movie theaters

Share Your Success

We love hearing your success stories! Share how you’ve utilized iGive’s ad materials by sending pictures or stories to our Marketing team at Your story might be featured in our next publication.

By strategically promoting your cause and leveraging the tools available through iGive, you can increase awareness, support, and ultimately, the success of your cause’s mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A shopper starts shopping online by first going to

The shopper, your supporter, identifies your cause as the one they support. If your cause is not already on our list of causes either they or you can add it. This tells us where to send the donation. This only has to be done once unless the shopper wants to stop or change causes.

The shopper then identifies the merchant where they want to shop that day from our categorized list of over 1700 merchants. Once they click on that merchant, they are finished for the day with iGive and taken directly to the merchant’s website. If they have shopped there before, they begin shopping. If it is their first time shopping at this merchant’s website, they will have to follow the merchant’s instructions for registering there by providing their name, delivery address, payment method, email address, and perhaps some other information depending on the merchant.

When they are finished shopping, they check out as usual. They are done and only have to wait for their order to be sent to them.

Meanwhile, back at iGive, a message is received from the merchant which documents the transaction. Periodically the merchant adds up what they owe iGive in the way of commission and sends iGive the money. This sometimes takes a month or more after the shopping trip because the merchants want to take into account returns, exchanges or other modifications to the total amount they collect.

iGive then adds up all of the commissions that they have received that are designated to be shared with your cause and sends you the accumulated portion for your cause. This is usually added up on a monthly basis for the period since the last donation to your cause.

There is no cost to the shopper or to your cause.

iGive works with all types of causes — big or small, local or national, and regardless of whether they are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit or not.

Merchants pay iGive a commission from the shopper’s purchase because iGive referred the customer to them. They want customers to shop at their store, and shoppers with iGive want to shop at stores that support their cause. iGive utilizes that commission to facilitate a donation to your cause on behalf of the shopper.

The money sent to your cause is the incentive iGive offers shoppers to use as the entry to online shopping at our 1700+ affiliated stores.

This is different from when a cashier asks if the shopper wants to round up or add a dollar to donate when the shopper checks out — in that case, the shopper is paying slightly more to donate to the store’s chosen cause—not the shopper’s. With iGive, the shopper pays the same amount they would if they didn’t use iGive. Your cause receives a donation from iGive for all of your supporters who use iGive.

The amount the cause receives depends on how many of your supporters use iGive and the amount of money they spend shopping online. You can increase the amount of the donation by encouraging your supporters to use when shopping online. Your cause does not pay iGive anything.

iGive has a wide range of participating stores. These are listed at either by category of merchandise or a comprehensive list of all merchant affiliates. This includes popular online retailers in categories such as clothing, electronics, travel, and more. See the list of affiliated stores here.