What's in the Cause Toolbox?

The Cause Toolbox has many easy-to-use tools that can help spread the word about iGive and your Cause. More supporters mean bigger donation checks! We have everything from pre-written email language to banners you can add to your website or social media. It's never been easier to Tell-A-Friend!


Maximizing Nonprofit Outreach with iGive.com’s Cause Toolbox: A Webinar Walkthrough by Kimberly{: .lead}

In a recent webinar, Kimberly from iGive.com provided a comprehensive walkthrough of the iGive Cause Toolbox, a resource designed to enhance nonprofit outreach and fundraising efforts. Here’s a detailed look at the key features and tools available in the toolbox, as explained by Kimberly.

Overview of the Cause Toolbox

Kimberly clarified that the Cause Toolbox is accessible not only to cause administrators but to all members of iGive. While some tools are reserved for administrators, many features are available to general members who wish to promote their causes through various platforms.

Key Features of the Cause Toolbox

Tell Friends: The “Tell Friends” feature encourages users to share information about iGive through pre-written Facebook posts and tweets. Users can personalize these messages or use them as a starting point. Additionally, a personalized link is provided, which members can easily copy to share on their websites, social media platforms, or email footers.

Create a Join Link: The “Join Link” tool allows members to create a customized URL for their cause, replacing the complex default link with something more memorable and personalized. For example, igive.com/yourcausename. This makes it easier for potential supporters to find and support a specific cause.

Banners and Logos: This section offers a variety of iGive.com banners in multiple formats (GIF, EPS, hi-res TIFF) that members can download and resize for their use. There are also image banners tailored for different types of causes like pet shelters and environmental groups, which can be added directly to websites or social media.

Flyers and Brochures: Members can access customizable flyers and brochures that automatically include their cause name and join link. Options include a one-page flyer with tear-off tabs (similar to those used in lost pet posters) and a variety of store lists and word documents that members can manually update and print for distribution.

Additional Tools and Upcoming Features Kimberly hinted at more detailed tutorials to come, including how to link causes to Facebook and effective party sign-up strategies. She also encouraged viewers to use the support section on iGive.com for further assistance.


The iGive Cause Toolbox offers an array of user-friendly tools designed to help nonprofits effectively communicate and fundraise through their networks. By utilizing features like personalized join links, customizable promotional materials, and easy social media sharing, nonprofits can enhance their outreach efforts and draw more support for their causes.

Kimberly Logan

Kimberly Logan

Operations Manager