Enhancing Nonprofit Outreach with New Tools

In this 30 minute webinar we discussed the features available to iGive Cause Administrators to help them connect to their supporters with messages delivered right to iGive users' home page.


NOTE: The “New Tab” feature described in this webinar has been depricated and is no longer available. The other tools and resources are still available and can be accessed through the iGive Cause Admin dashboard.


In a recent webinar, Kimberly Logan, Operations Manager at iGive.com, along with Rob Grosshandler, the founder of iGive.com, introduced new features aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of nonprofit outreach efforts. The webinar focused on the innovative ‘New Tab’ feature of the iGive button, cause cards, and effective use of the iGive platform for the upcoming holiday season.

New Features and Functionalities

New Tab

Kimberly explained that the ‘New Tab’ feature is part of the iGive button, a browser extension that enhances communication between causes and their supporters. This feature is currently available on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, with plans for a Safari version in the works. The New Tab allows for direct communication to supporters by making the cause’s presence felt every time a new browser tab is opened.

Setting Up Shortcuts

Users can add personal shortcuts to their new tabs, and causes can create shortcuts that lead directly to their websites. Kimberly walked through the process of setting up these shortcuts via the iGive.com member dashboard, where cause administrators can update and manage their cause’s presence effectively.

Banners and Logos

The webinar also highlighted the variety of downloadable banners and logos available in different formats, which can be resized and used across different platforms to promote the cause.

Flyers and Brochures

For offline promotions, Kimberly introduced customizable flyers and brochures that automatically include the cause’s name and join link. These materials are designed to be easily distributed at events or in community spaces.

Practical Demonstrations

Kimberly provided live demonstrations on how to use these tools effectively:

  • Creating a Join Link: Simplifies the process of inviting supporters to join iGive under a specific cause, making it easier to remember and share.
  • Adding Cause Shortcuts and Cards on New Tab: Allows for the customization of the new tab feature to include direct links and promotional cards that highlight specific aspects of the cause.

Engagement and Fundraising Tips

Rob emphasized the importance of engaging supporters through simple, clear communication methods. He suggested using the holiday shopping season as an opportunity to promote causes through iGive, which allows supporters to contribute financially without direct donations.


The webinar provided insightful strategies and tools for nonprofits looking to enhance their digital outreach and engagement. With the holiday season approaching, these tools are designed to help causes communicate more effectively with their supporters and leverage every opportunity to fundraise through everyday activities like online shopping.

For further assistance, iGive encourages users to visit their support portal at support.iGive.com, which offers detailed guides and tutorials on maximizing the platform’s features for cause promotion and supporter engagement.

Kimberly Logan

Kimberly Logan

Operations Manager
Rob Grosshandler

Rob Grosshandler