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What is iGive

rob-corporateHi, I’m Rob Grosshandler, founder and CEO of I created iGive back in 1997 as way to help online shoppers do good in their communities by simply shopping online. When someone signs up for iGive and downloads the iGive Button, they help support their favorite cause by making purchases at over 1,400 online retail stores. It’s free to join, it doesn’t cost the member any more money for their purchases, and the retailer designates a portion of our members’ purchases to their causes. It’s that simple!

iGive is the largest and longest-lasting “shop-for-good” company:



  • We have over 350,000 iGive members…
  • Who support over 35,000 local and national causes…
  • By shopping at over 1,400 online retailers

We have helped iGive members generate over $7-million in donations to causes all over the country, all at no cost to the shopper. Every month, we send out thousands of checks to the causes our members support. Will you be one of them?

But we want to do more! is our new portal to help causes like you leverage our technology to generate money – unrestricted money! All you need to do is get your supporters to join iGive so that a donation is given to your organization every time your supporter shops. And, by the way, you should sign up your cause as a member as well so that when you buy things to operate your cause – like paper, pens, folders, etc. – a percentage of everything you purchase is donated back to your cause.

Please take the time to review the tools in our toolkit, and to read more about how causes are using iGive to encourage their supporters to shop online on the cause’s behalf.