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School-Related Expenses Turn Into Cash for a Cause

In less than a year of existence, the C Three Foundation, an advocate for The Sinclair Method as a means of combating alcoholism, has found an early line of support in iGive. While waiting on a pending 501C3 designation, the C Three Foundation was able to rely on iGive’s policy of offering an outlet for direct cause donations, regardless of 501C3 status. During this early period, full-time student Jenny Williamson was able to get the most out of iGive by making school-related textbook, supply, and shipping purchases through affiliated iGive retailers. School-related expenses can be incredibly costly, but when a portion of those costs can be put to a good cause, it certainly helps.

Now six months later, despite the C Three Foundation’s small size, Jenny is “blown away” that the cause possesses 25 iGive members and over $200 in donations. At this stage, certainly every little bit helps, and iGive has gone a long way for the C Three Foundation.

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