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The iGive PartyApp makes it possibe for causes to get their supporters signed up with iGive quickly and easily. At your next event, board meeting or public presence, bring a computer along with Internet access, and have the PartyApp loaded on your screen for supporters to sign-up right on sight.

NOTE: You must login or register your cause with iGive in order for the PartyApp to collect iGive members that will be supporting your cause.

The following are directions of how the iGive PartyApp works:

1. Make sure you are logged in or that your cause is registered with iGive.

2. Once you are logged in, visit the PartyApp tool. It will launch customized webpage for you that looks like this:


3. Now ask people to click “Join Today” and fill out the registration form. The PartyApp will automatically assign your supporters to your cause.


4. Your supporter will receive an email from iGive to complete the registration process, and download the iGive button. Now, every time your supporter shops at one of over 1,400 online retailers, a percentage of his or her purchase will go to your cause…at no cost to you, and no cost to your supporter.