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iGive Webinar – Dormant Shoppers and the PartyApp

iGive CEO Rob Grosshandler delivered an informative presentation to causes registered with iGive.

Please feel free to view the presentation video below, or download a PDF of the presentation. (Right click and select “Save As”)

iGive’s goal for causes is to help you generate more money – unrestricted dollars that are available by using iGive’s technology and tools. We discussed two strategies on Friday, May 9, 2014 that can help you capture more donations from your supporters:

Activating dormant supporters
Your cause makes money through iGive when your supporters shop normally online using the iGive button. But sometimes, a supporter who was generating donations for your cause through iGive is no longer using the tool, or perhaps needs to be reminded about the impact he or she can make. We’ll discuss some strategies for encouraging dormant supporters – online shoppers who are no longer using iGive to your benefit – to start shopping with iGive again.

The PartyApp is a great way to recruit supporters to get the iGive button. A perfect complement to your events or board meetings, the PartyApp is a simple tool that gets your supporters signed up with iGive right away. And the more supporters you have using iGive, the more money your cause can generate.
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