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iGive Webinar – Don’t Leave Money on the Table

iGive CEO Rob Grosshandler delivered an informative presentation to causes registered with iGive.

Please feel free to view the presentation video below, or download a PDF of the presentation. (Right click and select “Save As”)

The presentation focused on:

What is iGive and how does it work
iGive is a little piece of technology that can have a big impact on your cause. Shoppers register with iGive, choose a cause of their choice, and then shop normally online. Everytime your supporter purchases something from a participating retailer, your cause earns money as a percentage of that purchase!

Cause benefits
The main benefit to causes is that the dollars raised by your supporters through their iGive membership are unrestricted! It’s free money with no strings attached.

Simple tips to increase dollars
By engaging with iGive, your cause stands to make a lot more money. We will provide some simple tips for how you can increase the dollars coming in from those supporters who join iGive.

Showcase of toolkit
We have developed a number of tools – digital tools, flyers, logos, etc. Our tools are easy to use, and can make a real impact on the dollars your cause receives.

Springtime Promotion
iGive is launching a new promotion aimed at helping causes earn more money right now, and into the future. And it only takes a few minutes of your time to get your supporters to get on board.

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