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Finding Your ‘Super Shopper’

Meet the ‘super shopper’

Using iGive, shoppers donate a percentage of their online purchases to a cause of their choice by shopping through iGive’s 1400-plus affiliated retailers. Even a small percentage of each purchase can amount to significant funding for a cause when a shopper is spending thousands of dollars online each week.


One Million Moms Against Gun Control (1MMAGC) is a grassroots initiative that has only existed for a couple of years. While the number of their supporters continues to grow, they are only now beginning to adopt iGive. But that didn’t stop them from earning over $900 in three months through iGive.

Big Purchases, Big Returns

Where does Heather Marchese, the Executive Director of 1MMAGC attribute the much appreciated, additional funding? “It’s a single member who makes her business purchases through iGive,” she stated. By downloading the iGive button and making a frequent number of large purchases through the 1,400+ online retailers that make up iGive’s retail network, a single individual was able to generate over $900 in three months for 1MMAGC. There were no extra steps involved in making a purchase or any additional fees, just an individual doing business as usual and earning money all the while for a cause she believes in.

It’s that easy.

So who is your super shopper? Getting more of your supporters to adopt iGive is a surefire way to help out your cause. Have enough of your supporters add the iGive button and who knows, maybe one of them will be your super shopper.

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    Giving Back feels so good!

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