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Video Presentation – Activating Dormant Shoppers & the iGive PartyApp

Video Presentation – Activating Dormant Shoppers &  the iGive PartyApp

Aug 25, 2014

Activating Dormant iGive Shoppers and Using the iGive Party App Robert Grosshandler, iGive CEO, provided an informative webinar session about how causes can make more money. Activating dormant iGive shoppers, and using the iGive PartyApp are two great ways to get your cause supporters to help make more money for your cause – unrestricted dollars! Please view the webinar session below, or feel free to download the presentation...

Become an iGive Champion (Recording)

Become an iGive Champion (Recording)

Jul 14, 2014

An iGive Champion is a member who likes to share iGive and gets their friends, family and cause supporters to sign-up for free. This past Friday, 7/11 at 2pm EST, CEO Robert Grosshandler delivered an informational webinar about how you can become an iGive Champion. Our webinar featured tips for champions that include: Maximize your chances of winning $1,000 or $500 for your cause. Learn how easy it is to raise $5 or much, much more for each friend, coworker, and family member who simply tries iGive. Discover five easy ways to be a Champion for your favorite cause! Ask our Chief Technology Officer and our CEO questions. View a recording of our webinar below, or download a PDF of the presentation slides. Feel free to share this presentation with your cause or charity...

iGive Webinar: Don’t Leave Money on the Table (reprise)

Please join CEO Robert Grosshandler to learn more about how iGive works, and how active engagement with our technology and tools can help your cause raise money. In addition, hear more about connecting your cause’s Facebook page with iGive. When causes connect their Facebook with iGive, they raise an overage of 395% more than causes who don’t connect with us.   DATE:  6/27/14 TIME: 2pm EST REGISTER HERE...

iGive & Bat World: A Second Chance for Injured Bats

“When Bat World Sanctuary signed up for iGive we were delighted that so many stores were available, even the printing company we use to create our newsletter is on the iGive list! We have taken advantage of iGive’s handy templates to send to our supporters as well as the automatic weekly post to Facebook. Our iGive donations have significantly increased over the years due to the applications iGive provides.  Thank you, thank you, thank you iGive, for helping us save the lives of injured and orphaned bats through your compassionate program!” From Amanda Loller of Bat World...

School-Related Expenses Turn Into Cash for a Cause

School-Related Expenses Turn Into Cash for a Cause

May 15, 2014

In less than a year of existence, the C Three Foundation, an advocate for The Sinclair Method as a means of combating alcoholism, has found an early line of support in iGive. While waiting on a pending 501C3 designation, the C Three Foundation was able to rely on iGive’s policy of offering an outlet for direct cause donations, regardless of 501C3 status. During this early period, full-time student Jenny Williamson was able to get the most out of iGive by making school-related textbook, supply, and shipping purchases through affiliated iGive retailers. School-related expenses can be incredibly costly, but when a portion of those costs can be put to a good cause, it certainly helps. Now six months later, despite the C Three Foundation’s small size, Jenny is “blown away” that the cause possesses 25 iGive members and over $200 in donations. At this stage, certainly every little bit helps, and iGive has gone a long way for the C Three...